About Us

Momade Miracles is a venture by mother & daughter. With the experience of 3 generations, it is a house of traditional & modern healthy eating habits. 

A journey from North India to South India led to the start of Momade Miracles. This journey also helped in making products which are regionally connected.

Every product is researched & designed with specification to bring the best out of it without any preservatives. We prefer natural shelf life of products and most of our products are prepared upon orders only. 

We always believe in building immunity naturally is more important than taking alternates. Being a daughter and mother of a toddler, every product of Momade Miracles is designed to bring health benefits naturally and for all age groups.

Our team always tries to bring the tastes that are sadly being lost to the excesses of urban life. We hope that Momade Miracles would remind you of the flavours and aroma which makes you feel nostalgic.

Anything is good if it’s homemade. Everything is awesome if its mom made.